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Dear Bailey: A Letter To Our Fur Baby

Bailey and her parents

Hello, pet parents! Today is a big day for our little family. We are so yappy to announce the official launch of our company Dear Bailey!

In honor of this very special day, we wanted to take the time to write a letter to our fur baby, and the inspiration behind this company: Bailey.

For those of you who consider your fur babies to be part of the family, we hope you can relate to our adoration for our little pup. And for those of you who don't have fur babies, we hope you find joy in our sweet, silly letter.

Dear Bailey,

It’s hard to put into words how much we love you, and how much better our lives are because of you, but we’ll give it a try:

Bark bark bark, bark bark bark bark. Woof woof, ruff, woof!

Bailey – you make each day a little brighter for us, simply by being your fun, loving, ridiculous self.

If we could, we'd spend every moment of the day with you. But we don't think the pet store will accept kisses and belly rubs as payment for food and toys (we asked, but it was a no-go).

So, each day we go to work to make sure you can live a long, happy, and healthy life. And while we're at work, you give us something special to look forward to when we come home. Knowing you'll be at the door, ready with a toy in your mouth, wiggling that little nub and shaking your whole body with excitement brings the biggest smile to our faces.

Since you've come into our lives, we have gladly traded many nights out on the town for snuggle sessions in. Our park and beach spots have become limited to the only pet-friendliest ones. And all house guests are expected to greet you with the same excitement you greet them.

But we don't mind, because you bring us adventure. You make us get up and move. You make us enjoy life's greatest moments – big and small.

You also make sure we never have to go to the bathroom alone (yay!).

But most importantly, you have made us better people. In raising you, we have learned patience and to give others grace. We have learned how to put other's needs before our own.

Through your eyes, we have learned to see people in their best light. We have learned how to love with our whole being. And we have learned to make every day a playday, no matter what.

All because of you, our little fur baby.

And that's why this company all about you – the name, the inspiration, the love behind it. It's all for you.

We love you more and more each day and are so grateful that you're part of our family. Thank you for being you, our bouncy, cuddly, gassy, mouthy, happy, little Bailey.

Barks and Kisses,
Mom (and Dad)

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  • So adorable!

    Jan Kampka

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