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Happy National Dog Day: 26 Facts About Bailey

Bailey with Hello World Collar Dot

Happy National Dog Day, pet parents!

Here at Dear Bailey, we’re big fans of pretty much every holiday. Any excuse for a celebration, are we right?! But today has got to be one of our paws-down favorite days of the year: National Dog Day!

Today, we celebrate dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. That’s because we believe all dogs deserve to live long, happy, healthy lives.

So, if you have a dog – be sure to give them an extra hug and kiss today. Or bake them a yummy pet-friendly treat. Or take them on an extra long walk!

And if you don’t have a dog, consider donating supplies like blankets and food to your local animal welfare organization. Or gift your favorite pet parent a new Collar Dot for their fur baby!

In honor of National Dog Day falling on August 26, we’re sharing 26 fun facts about our own doggo, Bailey. Enjoy!

  1. Nicknames: Bailey Bug, Bugaboo, Bug, Boogie, Boogie Bear, Nugget, Little Turkey
  2. Birthday: August 11, 2012
  3. Gotcha Day: October 14, 2012
  4. Birthplace: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  5. Lives In: Tampa, Florida
  6. Breed: Boxer
  7. Size: “Fun” size! Bailey is 50 lbs, which is below average for her breed
  8. Eye Color: Dark brown
  9. Markings: Fawn with a full black mask
  10. Favorite Human: Dad (and yes, Mom is jealous...)
  11. Favorite Home Away From Home: Mimi and Pops’ house
  12. Favorite Things to Do: Car rides and "sniffing" walks
  13. Favorite Nap Spot: Mom and Dad’s bed (AKA Bailey's bed)
  14. Favorite Awake Spot: The front window
  15. Favorite Thing to Bark At: Squirrels
  16. Favorite Thing to Smell: Shoes
  17. Favorite Time of Day: When Mom and Dad come home from work
  18. Favorite Place to Play: Her backyard
  19. Favorite Playtime Activity: Getting chased
  20. Favorite Spot to Be Pet: Her belly
  21. Favorite Food: Chicken
  22. Favorite Treat: Greenies
  23. Favorite Toy: It’s constantly changing, but currently Mr. Bunny
  24. Best Fur Friend: Her sister, Nike (who lives with Mimi and Pops)
  25. Things Bailey Is Scared Of: Plastic grocery bags and baseball caps
  26. Three Words That Describe Bailey: Bouncy, cuddly, and gassy

There you have it – 26 fun facts about our Bailey pup!

We’d love to learn about your fur baby, too. Post your responses to the prompts above in the comments below!

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