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How to Get More Likes on Your Pet Pictures

Taking Photos of Your Fur Baby

Alright, pet parents. I’m going to say something we have all been thinking: our fur babies are the cutest things ever.

That’s right – I said it.

So if we know this fact to be true, why is it that our fur baby photos don’t always come out looking as amazing as our pets are in real life?

Sometimes our photos are too dark. Or too blurry. Or we just can’t get our fur baby to sit still for two seconds.

Our fur babies may be the cutest things ever, but there are certain things we can do to better capture all that cuteness in photos.

Since taking pet pictures is a big part of what we do here at Dear Bailey, we’ve rounded up five tips for taking “like”-worthy photos of your fur baby.

1. Drop It To The Floor
When taking photos of your fur baby, get down to their level. Sit, squat, or kneel in front of your pet so that your camera (or phone) is eye level with them. That way, your fur baby is looking straight ahead at you, instead of up. This allows you to better capture those big puppy eyes, curious ears, and sweet whiskers.

2. Use a Few of Their Favorite Things
If you want your fur baby to look at a certain spot – be it at the camera or somewhere else – you can use their favorite treat or toy as an incentive. Simply hold it where you want them to look and voilà – focused fur baby! But be careful not to give your pet too many treats, as this can lead to calorie overload and tummy aches. You could even consider using a special, healthy treat just for photo sessions – such as carrots or green beans.

3. Say Their Name, Say Their Name
Okay, is anyone else singing Destiny’s Child now, or is it just us? If you want to get (and keep) your pet’s attention – say their name! While taking your fur baby’s photo, talk to them or make funny sounds. High pitched sounds, low pitched sounds. Long sounds, short sounds. Experiment with it – because you never know what your fur baby might react to (or cause them to show you that ever elusive, but always adorable head tilt).

4. Mo Photos, Mo Options
We’ve all been there – our fur baby is doing something so doggone cute, we just HAVE to get a picture of it. Then, the second we pull out our phones, they stop. Our fur babies have limited attention spans, so it’s important to take photos quickly and in bulk. When your fur baby is being the cutest patootiest, just keep snapping away – to the point where it feels excessive. Then, go back later and pick the best ones. That way, you’re increasing your chances of getting the purrfect shot the first time (and not having to try to recreate that adorable, once-in-a-lifetime moment).

5. Get A Little Help From Your Friends
So, all of these tips sound great and totally doable – if you have four arms. Trust us, taking photos of your fur babies gets a heck of a lot easier when you have a partner helping you out. That’s because one person can focus on taking the photos, while the other helps engage your pet (i.e. hold up treats or toys, call out their name, etc.). Plus you’re doing that person the wonderful favor of letting them bask in the presence of your fur baby – so it’s a win for everyone involved.

Well, there you go, fur folks (yep, we know we’re cheesy)… five tips for taking better photos of your fur baby.

Ready to take your pet pictures to a whole ‘nother level? We’ve got even more tips for you in our free download 10 Tips for Better Fur Baby Photos.

You can check it out by clicking here.

And once you’re done reading our tips, we want to see your pet pictures! Be sure to tag us @dearbaileyco or use the hashtag #dearbailey, so we can see your pawesome pupparazi photos.

PS – Did anyone notice all of our tips were music-themed? Bragging rights to whoever can name all five songs in the comments below!

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