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Introducing the First-Ever Collar Dots

They're here! They're here!

We're pinching ourselves because we can't believe it, but our first-ever Collar Dots™ are finally here!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Launch Day event on Facebook Live yesterday. We had so much fun sharing our Collar Dots with you.

For those of you who missed it, don't worry! We've embedded a link for you to watch below.

Now that we premiered our very first Collar Dot designs, we thought we'd take a moment to tell you a little more about each Collar Dot and what makes them special.

But before we do, here's a little background on all of our Collar Dots:

Size and Shape
Currently, our Collar Dots are circular in shape, and three inches in diameter.

Each Collar Dot is made of a thick matte paper and comes with a flexible metal ring to attach it to your fur baby's collar.

The front of each Collar Dot features a unique design and saying (more on that below), but the backs of our Collar Dots are all the same. Each features the phrase "This Collar Dot Belongs To" and a space for you to write in your fur baby's name.

And now, please say hello to all TEN of our first line of Collar Dots – available now!

Birthday Girl: In honor of Bailey’s birthday yesterday, we HAVE to kick things off with the Birthday Girl Collar Dot! This fun Dot features a pink background with a sprinkle pattern, and the words “Birthday Girl” in pretty script writing. It’s perfect for celebrating your fur baby’s "bark"-day. Want an extra cute photo for social media? Bake your fur baby a pet-friendly treat, add a candle, attach the Birthday Girl Collar Dot to their collar, and voilà: adorable picture to commemorate the big day!

Birthday Boy: All you smarty cats out there probably already guessed our next design before we even showed it to you: the Birthday Boy Collar Dot! Just like the Birthday Girl, but for all the boy fur babies out there.

Name Tag: Remember those awkward gatherings where you didn't know anyone and had to wear a name tag? The Name Tag Collar Dot is like that, but so much better because it’s for your pet! This Dot is purrfect for new furry additions to the family, or when you’re out and about somewhere new. What's great is just like a regular name tag, we’ve given you a space to write in your fur baby’s name. And the matte paper makes it super easy to write on with a pen or permanent marker.

Hello World: Similar to the Name Tag Collar Dot, our Hello World Collar Dot can also be used to announce the addition of a fur baby to your family – whether you’ve been rescued by a shelter pet or have a new kitty to show off. This Collar Dot is great for introducing your new bundle of love to the world with a pic on Facebook or Instagram. It’s got a fun polka dot pattern and scripty writing, just like the Birthday dots. Super cute!

Cuddle Muffin: This Collar Dot features our two favorite kinds of muffins: cuddle and blueberry. The Cuddle Muffin Collar Dot is for those of you with sweet, snuggly fur babies who love to curl up with you on the couch or bed. And if you’re like me and would rather spend a night in with your fur baby, instead of going out – this Collar Dot is a great way to capture that mood. And it’s got a giant muffin on it because #food… am I right?

Little Expletive: We all know our fur babies can be so sweet most of the time. But sometimes, they can be a little naughty. This Collar Dot is for those occasions. Call it the Little Expletive, Little Poop, Little Turd, or whatever you'd like. This Collar Dot is for when your pet is being a not so good girl or boy. It’s kind of like #dogshaming, where people post about their dog tearing apart one of those airplane neck pillows, but cuter.

Nope: Similarly, if you’ve got a little grumpy gills roaming around your house, let me introduce you to the Nope Collar Dot. As in “Bailey, do you want to snuggle with me?” Nope. “Bailey, do you love me more than Dad?” Nope. You get the picture. This is for those fur babies who are just not having it today.

Gassy Yet Classy: This Collar Dot is one that I think a lot of us can relate to. And if you can relate, I am so, so sorry – the Gassy Yet Classy Collar Dot. What I love about this Dot is that it features a cute string of pearls, but is also talking about farts, so there's some nice juxtaposition there. This Collar Dot is for fur babies who have gnarly toots, but know how to keep it classy. Like, when you eat burritos with a glass of wine: gassy... yet classy. I think I know a few humans this could describe too!

Party Animal: This Collar Dot is for fur babies who like to have a good time. It features fun, bright colors and a little party hat. The Party Animal Collar Dot is great for when you’re having friends over. Just tell everyone to bring their favorite toys and treats, because this party animal is ready to paaaaarty.

Bark Bark Hooray: And finally, the Bark Bark Hooray Collar Dot. It’s got color, it’s got balloons, it’s got wordplay. Win, win, win! This Collar Dot is great for celebrations of all kinds, like passing puppy training school, or not having an accident in the house, or going a whole day without ripping a toy apart. It’s the little wins that make life special, am I right?

So, there they are – our first-ever line of Collar Dots. You can find them all on our Products Page. Enjoy!

Barks and Kisses,
Bailey's Mom (Jenna)

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  • Too cool, blown away by your creativity! Will be in the market for our Toby.

    Jack WITHROW

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