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The Story Behind Our Collar Dots

Dear Bailey Collar Dots


I think as pet parents, we can all agree: every fur baby has their own unique personality.

As we raised our Bailey over the last six years, we grew to know and love her playful ways. She brought so much happiness to our lives, and we wanted others to see and feel that same joy.

Problem was: we didn’t know how.

Traditional pet ID tags were too small to make a visual impact and pet clothing was… let’s just say, not an option (scary! itchy! Bailey no likey!).

That’s when the idea for the Collar Dot was born. One Saturday morning in 2017, I was scrolling through Facebook while Bailey and her dad slept in.

Fun fact: it’s pretty much impossible for me to sleep in past 7:30 AM (lucky me…).

While looking through my newsfeed, I came across a picture one of my dear friends (and fellow pet parents) had posted. In addition to having fur babies, they also had human babies, and this particular photo was of their newest addition: a baby boy.

On the baby’s belly was a cute little sticker with the words “6 Months” written in a fun design. Not having any human babies myself, I casually thought: “Awe, that’s cute. I wish I could have had something like that for my fur baby.”

And then I stopped.

And I thought to myself again: “I wish I could have had something like that for my fur baby.”

I began feverishly writing down ideas, as I waited for Bailey and her dad to wake up. What if there was something like a belly sticker, but for pets? A way to show off a pet’s personality that was big enough for people to see, but not so big that it bothered the fur baby? What would it say? How would it look? Ideas, ideas, ideas…

An hour or so later, I heard the click, click, click of my pupper’s paws trotting down the hallway and the stomp, stomp, stomp of sluggish dad feet dragging slowly behind her.

As soon as they entered the living room, I burst open with ideas – barely taking breaths as I explained what had just unfolded with Facebook and the belly sticker and my sudden revelation.

My sweet husband and fur baby both stared back at me blankly, until I finally said: “too early?” He smiled.

A few minutes later, once they had shaken off the morning slump, we started discussing the idea again. Those minutes turned into days, then weeks, then months of talking, researching, designing, and testing until we reached this point: the unveiling of the first-ever Collar Dot.

After more than a year’s worth of late nights, countless questions, lots of frustrations, and even more love, we can’t believe we’re finally here.

We are so excited to share our Collar Dots with you – and to help pets of all shapes, sizes, and personalities show off what makes them truly special.

These Collar Dots have truly been a labor of love over the last year. And we hope, hope, hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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