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TV Dogs That Deserve Emmys

Another Emmy Award Ceremony, another snub for all the television dogs out there working hard and earning treats.

We’re big fans of TV in the Dear Bailey household (obvi), and the annual Primetime Emmy Awards is a can’t miss for our fur family.

But each year, we can’t help but notice a big, dog-shaped hole in the Emmy nominations list. The Television Academy has awards for actors, actresses, writers, and directors – but what about the doggos?

Dogs make everything better – including television shows – and we think it’s about time some of these thespian puppers get the recognition they deserve!

So, for your consideration for the 70th Emmy Awards, we present our canine nominations:

Outstanding Lead Dog in a Comedy Series: Stella of Modern Family

Stella Dog Modern Family
Image Source: Let Us Have A Dog

Big ears, big heart, tiny legs. Stella the French Bulldog is the lovable, yet mischievous little nugget of the Pritchett household on Modern Family. She is the apple of Jay’s eye, and the pain in Gloria’s butt. In the eyes of the Pritchett Patriarch, Stella can do no wrong – yet Gloria and the viewers know: there’s more to Stella than that cute face lets on (and it involves chewing a lot of shoes).

Outstanding Lead Dog in a Drama Series: Audio and Louie of This Is Us

Audio Dog This Is Us
Image Source: Parade Magazine

Yes, we’re still reeling from Jack’s death in season two of This Is Us. Yes, we are not emotionally prepared for season three to start next week. And yes, as dog pawrents we were gut-wrenched after witnessing what the Pearson family – including Kate’s pup Louie – went through that fateful Super Bowl night. And while show creator Dan Fogelman tried to cheer us up with the adoption of Audio by Kate and Toby (which was a huge step in the right direction for Kate beginning to forgive herself), we’re still snuggling our own pup extra close after watching both Louie and Audio’s roles unfold in the series.

Outstanding Lead Dog in a Reality-Competition Program: Swatch of Project Runway

Swatch Dog Project Runway
Image Source: Monsters and Critics

We all love Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, but true pet parents know that the real star of Project Runway is Swatch. This adorable Boston Terrier has stolen the hearts of both fashion and dog lovers alike, as he has been repeatedly spotted trotting (but mostly napping) in the Mood Designer Fabrics store while show contestants frantically search for supplies for their design challenge. No Project Runway visit to the fabric shop is complete without a hearty “Thank you, Mood” and “Bye, Swatch!” If that doesn’t make you a headlining show star, we don’t know what does…

Which television dogs (or cats!) do you think deserve an Emmy? Make your nominations in the comments below!

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