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Our Story

At Dear Bailey, we’re on a mission to create more playful moments with our pets – and do some good along the way.

We are proud pet parents, who consider our fur babies to be precious members of our family.

And because of that, we believe in making the most of our moments together. We believe in playdays, not weekdays. We believe in jumping into the pool paws first, couch cuddle sessions on lazy Sundays, and just one more round of fetch. And we don’t believe in strangers, just butts we haven’t sniffed yet.

But most importantly, we believe all pets deserve to live long, happy, healthy lives, and that through our products, we can help make that happen.

Our company was founded by Jenna Greco, a crazy dog mom who wanted a way to show off her fur baby's unique personality. Inspired by popular belly stickers traditionally used for (human) babies, Bailey's mom set out to create the Collar Dot™.

Today, we create pet accessories and art prints to help pawrents show off what makes their fur babies truly special.